Associate Professor at the Institute of Sciences and Practices of Education and Training (ISPEF) Lumière University (Lyon 2), France. Tenured researcher at Éducation, Cultures & Politiques (ECP, EA 4571) research center and associate researcher at Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire en Neurosciences, Physiologie et Psychologie: Apprentissages, Activité Physique, Santé (LINP2-AAPS).

Learning in adulthood is my main field. My research focuses on the psychology of learning with an approach marked by social psychology. This approach considers learning environments as consisting of objects of mediation on the one hand, and social subjects themselves on the other hand. The latter participate in the formation of environments as well as being affected by them. Among the actors in these environments are peers and reference persons to the fields of study: teachers, instructors, trainers, tutors, facilitators, etc. My current research is focused on the regulations enacted by the subjects, individually and collectively. This involves the study of strategies used by learners to regulate their learning during action phases in various environments. The regulations I am interested in are cognitive and meta-cognitive. Their nature goes hand in hand with motivations that are related to volition during action and to emotions. It is the study of these dimensions that strikes me as important in order to comprehend agency, understood as the mark of voluntary and autonomous action. The study of agency seems to me particularly relevant in contemporary learning environments which are open, more or less structured and where Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are pervasive. In these environments, ICTs mediate information and representations, and convey exchanges between actors through various channels. Other related variables are considered in my research such as cultures, dominant values carried by subjects and their learning cultures. Comparative studies can shed light on the links between these variables and the regulation of learning that is carried out individually and collectively.

Keywords: self-regulation, co-regulation, motivation, learning technologies, meta-cognition, study circles, cooperative learning, post-secondary education, adult learning.